Mother Clap's Molly House

It’s London 1726, and Mrs. Tull’s got problems. The whores are giving her a hard time, a man in a dress is looking for a job, her husband has a roving eye and the apprentice boy keeps disappearing for ‘a wander’. The play skips between the eighteenth century and 2001, where a group of wealthy gay men are preparing the drugs and video cameras for a sex party. The play is both an affectionate examination of the vitality and liberation of the molly house’s counterculture, and a regretful comment on the commodification of sex and love. Mother Clap’s Molly House, a black comedy with songs is a celebration of the diversity of human sexuality, an exploration of our need to form families and a fascinating insight into a hidden chapter in London’s history.


Please note that the age rating for this show is indicated at 18+ for semi-graphic depictions of sex and abortions. A full list of Content Warnings can be found here:

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