The Roses of Eyam

The Roses of Eyam is a play about a village thrown into turmoil during the last major epidemic of The Great Plague in 1666. The play explores the tragic story of the historically labelled ‘plague village’ of Eyam, where four fifths of the population died. With bubonic plague proving a death sentence for those who contracted it, this true story examines loss, love, fear, suffering and courage in a disease stricken era not unlike our own. The need to comment on our situation now during the Pandemic crisis is ever present, not from a political angle, but from a human perspective. Confronted with an unimaginable moral dilemma, the locals had to choose: flee with their lives, potentially spreading the plague; or isolate themselves in the village, halting the spread and saving thousands, accepting certain death. This play follows the causes and consequences of this terrible choice. This will be a whirlwind which you wont want to miss!

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