A Taste of Honey

"My usual self is a very unusual self, Geoffrey Ingram, and don’t you forget it!"

Manchester, 1958. The leaden Irwell flows through Salford as children play make believe in bomb sites. Makeshift families come together and fall apart, exploring new ways of living and loving in the rubble.

A Taste of Honey shows us how we can work to find authentic ways to love. We witness Jo, a pregnant teenager abandoned by her mother, imagine a world outside societal pressures, where her and her best friend Geof feel they can truly be themselves. A dark comedy, Delaney doesn’t shy away from spotlighting the work required to bring these spaces to life, and even if it does all come crashing down, we are left with a taste of the joy, however brief, they can bring.

Written when she was 19, Shelagh Delaney’s story is a gem of postwar British theatre. She also inspired the Smiths! Join us in celebrating her legacy - and see its relevance 65 years on.

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